13 April 2008

I am loyal...to my dreams and fantasies.

Saturday morning. Nearly dawn.
Usually I sleep in on Saturdays; this Saturday, however, I wanted to play differently. So I got up and set out for one of a few places in Moscow that are extremely dear to me.

'Volkonsky' bakery. I love absolutely everything about it. Its welcoming atmosphere, its homey spirits, its divine bread and pastry, a cosy cafй seated in its premises, the stylish kitchenware on sale, its location in the heart of old Moscow. Absolutely everything, I'm telling you. I remember how at the first moment I stepped in the bakery, the exhilarating aroma of fresh bread wrapped me up on the spot. I only had to close my eyes for a second to breathe in the goodness and wake up my imagination. And before long I saw myself on a green meadow with lots of flowers-in-bloom. A gentle wind danced with the sunshine in the air. I'd have a baggy yellowish cotton dress on and silky scarf to cover my hair, a good book to feed my mind and a piece of fresh goat's cheese sandwiched among the bread goodness to satisfy my hunger. And then I heard a bakery girl's voice addressing me...I smiled and at that moment I knew I would be their loyal customer.

So, this Saturday I went for such an early trek to meet my 'darling' (in reference to the aforementioned vicinity. Smile.) for a reason. I fancied a warming saturday breakfast at home with a fresh, right-away-from-the-oven baguette. Crispy, with soft and airy crumb, slightly buttered, topped with cherry spread or honey and accompanied by a cup of home-brewed coffee. Oh. For me that's the dickens of a leisurely breakfast.

So, you see, I slept less. But I got more. What so special did I get, you'll ask. I got my fantasy realised. I got a morning walk through the oldest part of Moscow when she was still deserted, half asleep half awake. I got my spirits rejuvenated. I got a whole day ahead.

*‘Volkonsky’ (in co-operation with ‘Maison Kaiser’) bakeries
Maroseika str. 4/2 (this is where my ‘darling’ located)
Tel: +007(495) 721 14 42

Bol’shaya Sadovaya str. 2/46
Tel: +007(495) 699 36 20


Cookiemouse said...

That cafe looks like a great place to have breakfast. It's a cool idea to show us all the best places in Moscow. More, please!

White On Rice Couple said...

That's an amazing bakery! I can see you right now with your pretty yellow dress, scarf and book. You are a true renaissance woman!

anya said...

Dear Cookiemouse - said bakery is one of those places I'm always drawn to: no matter the weather and the kms I've got to cover to reach it! :) I'll do my best to show you the way around Moscow via my blog!

Dear Todd and Diane - Renaissance woman! Me! Oh, I'm that chuffed to hear this! :) THANKS!

Astra Libris said...

Such a beautiful morning! Your photos are gorgeous - you completely transported me to the bakery! Heavenly!

Cinnamonda said...

What a lovely picture of the bakery!
Anya, I finally have the pictures about Helsinki up on my blog. Take a look, if you have time.


Toni said...

Oh my.......You make me want to go to Moscow! That bakery looks fabulous - why wouldn't you walk there in the morning? I'm just bummed that I can't walk there!! ;-)

Kate / Kajal said...

ooh all that bread is tempting me so much. love the way bakerys smell.