7 January 2010

Readying myself

For some, Christmas and New Year’s holidays have become a glowing memory by now. For some others, a festive table is still set, and a blood sugar level keeps increasing by the day. I’m writing this from Russia (visiting my family), knee-lengths in candies and baked goods, readying myself for yet another massive intake of all things sweet. Say I’m sick I won’t. It’s Orthodox Christmas around here today, after all.

[However surprising or confusing or both, but Christmas in Russia is celebrated on January 7th. Don’t blame the vicar (hello, Anthony!), blame the old Julian calendar.]

They say kutya (KOO-TYA) -- porridge made of wheat or rice grains (symbols of immortality) and honey (a token of happiness) – is an iconic Russian Christmas dish. I can’t attest to that, because in my family, it’s not Christmas without a Napoleon – many-layered cake enrobed in vanilla-scented custard cream, a symbol of my happiness.

Flaky, moist and tender, it’s the-heart-takes-a-lift-to-heaven good. It’s worth every swearing word (on Christmas Eve!) you may hiss while rolling out the gossamer sheets of dough, one by one, ten in total. Insane. Delicious.

The recipe I’ll post soon, I promise. Right now I’m rushing to my grandmother’s for a festive family gathering. But before I go, please take a piece, Dear Reader. It’s for you!


Cookiemouse said...

Happy, belated, Julian Christmas!

Tiina said...

Merry Christmas, Anya! Have fun visiting home! That Napoleon looks yummy. You should some time make a little detour to Helsinki when on your way to or from Russia!


Toni said...

OK - You've got me drooling. And I thought I was over the sugar season!

Merry Christmas, Anya, and enjoy your visit!

anya said...

Leighton -- thank you! Have a lovely lively 2010!

Tiina -- that Napoleon, I love it. Although my waistline begs to differ, damn it! :) Helsinki -- yay!!!

Toni -- the sugar season rules! :)

Thank you, everybody, for your Christmas wishes!!