26 November 2009


Being a soviet kid, and then a post-soviet adolescent, it wasn’t in my culture to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is, however, now. The tradition, unfortunately, is not practiced in the Netherlands -- bad, but curable. What you do is nudge a few Americans living in Amsterdam to pay tribute to their motherland. So tonight I’m rushing to Anthony’s where together with his roommate, Eric, and Eric’s Italian girlfriend, Giovanna, we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving. We’ll light the candles, set the table -- there will be turkey, cranberry sauce, spinach casserole, buckwheat kasha, mashed potatoes with Parmesan, and to crown it all, a pecan pie with bourbon, about which I’ll write soon – and give our American-Italian-Russian thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear all !!!


Marvin said...

Yum. Turkey-day abroad, gobble gobble.

Tiina said...

Hope you had fun! I'm looking forward ot reading more about the pie. :)


Anya said...

Marvin, yes, turkey-day rules! :)

Tiina, I'm so much excited to be sharing the recipe soon! Jo ho!

Anna said...

yum! i hope you had a great evening, anya. i find it such a cozy time of year.

Toni said...

How wonderful that you found people to celebrate with. I'm looking forward to the pie with bourbon. Sounds terrific!