7 August 2009

Baking bonanza

But my good friend Luke, the man of many curries, does. So today I am packing my suitcase and going to the city of Nijmegen where Luke and his oven are. I should also mention that it is now a knocking-out heat wave in Holland, and that I will have to spend two and a half hours of my life today on a train down to Nijmegen, and that instead of tons of clothes I’ll be carrying eggs, butter, flour, oats, nuts, oils and various sweeteners in my suitcase the colour of dark wine.

I anticipate a weekend of baking bonanza. As of now I plan to make two granola recipes and a few for Scottish scones. But I think I won’t stop there. In the haze of heat I’ll bake a hell lot of goods in the oven that does not belong to me. Nobody should stay in my way.

I am crazed.

Stay tuned, Dear Reader! More to come.

P.S. For those of you who asked (thank you, friends!) about my thesis, here is the latest news. I had to make a few changes with a view to increase my chances for a better grade, as advised by my professor. I was working on that this whole week, and a handful of minutes ago I re-submitted my paper. To celebrate this, I ate a bowlful of rosy-cheeked apricots and plumps, sweet plums the color of the bottle.


Anna said...

what a great suitcase full of baking ingredients!! who needs clothes, anyway? you must make a pie or tart with all this summer fruit.

also! i have friends in town from holland next week. can't wait to hang out with them.

anya said...

Anna, I hear you - clothes is so secondary...:)

Tiina said...

Have fun in Nijmegen! And I hope you'll get a good grade for your thesis.