21 March 2009


My Dear Reader,

I should admit it’s been a tough week for me. To beging with, I fell prey to a nasty stomach flue, so not much food was involved, you understand. Next, Alex is not my date any more, it feels. So I will no longer be treated to his lemon meringue pies. Sigh.

It seems like a week to forget, as my long-time heartthrob and best friend Luke suggested after I had sobbed profusely. Indeed.

Yes, I have come here today preposterously empty-handed -- no story, no recipe; which is a legitimate enough subject for your discontent, My Dear Reader. Honestly, were I you, I would even slam the door shut in protest at my sluggishness.

Still, I hope you will bear with me for a tiny-little while. (Please.)

P.S. Frankly, things are not that bad. I'll see you soon!


Anna said...

we'll wait! feel better, anya!

Cinnamonda said...

Poor you! I hope you will feel better soon.


pia said...

hi anya! i know i'm like 3 months late but i'm popping in to say thank you for your birthday wishes back in january! I just came across that post again as i was writing about my "spring ladies lunch' story in maria magazine. i didn't get a chance to say thank you then, so here i am now!

Also I love this post you wrote, very funny, i hope that week wasn't so bad after all! I'll be back again to read some more. px