18 January 2009

One year!

From time to time, one gets presentiments that one has missed on something crucial. To meet my case, I missed on my own blog’s first birthday (that would be January 12th). I positively have got to maintain my mental entirety more properly, otherwise I’ll forget my own name soon.

One year. Gone with a snap of the fingers.
One year. One year. One year.

You see, My Dear Reader, to write two-sentence verses which, among much else, are unburdened with meaning is my forte. I have endeavored to the utmost of my capabilities to come up with the one you see above.

As befits the birthday’s tradition, I am fully aware I should bring a scrumptuous chocolate cake resting idly on a tray; under collective exclamations, blow out a candle; and offer you a piece (or more) of said pastry with your attendant toasting, ‘Happy Birthday – here is to more!’. Or rather, I should at least, as you might be thinking, offer you a photo and a recipe of something lip-smacking and finger-licking. Regardless my sincere intentions, I will do neither (on your part, you might as well blow a raspberry at me).
For the sake of argument, however, let me please just ask you, ‘Do we really want another piece of cake, or cookie, or even a decent square of divine chocolate just now, after the whole, whole holidays’ season of layering our days and nights (as if we would layer that cake) with all things sweet and dessert-y?’ I hope you’d bashfully say, ‘Not yet’.

Secondly, were I indeed set on the thing, I would still not be able to exhibit a photograpic documentation of my undertaking. Here is why: sometimes certain digital gadgets seem to have a peculiar admiration for me in that they recall their function as if curious to see what I could be doing next. And at the moment I am doing nothing, what with photographing and such, because, well after I posted my last entry and before my returning to Holland, my old photo camera broke down. (Right now I am waiting until certain somebody, also known as Luke My Friend, who promised to help me out with this matter will finally keep his pledge. I only hope it happens soon.)

On the upside, my blog indeed turned 1 (!), and, with that, let me thank you, My Dear Reader, for being my inspiration to write, to cook and, in fact, to learn how to do both a trifle better!

And now, if you excuse me, I’ll go and fix myself this hearty aromatic soup of many flavours. I would even go so far as to call it a birthday treat. I am fond of this soup. I am head over heels with this soup. I love this soup.


Cinnamonda said...

Sorry to hear about your camera. :(
But many, many happy returns to Godful Food! :)


ps. I couldn't agree with you more, my cake and chocolate quota is absolutely full at the moment!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Godful Food!!

anya said...

Tiina, Anna - thank you, girls! :)