25 September 2008


Leaves are falling.

Sun is shining.

And when seemingly it is not, we remember it is always there. Is the sun not the reflection of our heart, afterall?

Our precious heart. It is always there; often we just fail to remember.

So listen. To the music. To the heart.


toni said...

Beautiful, Anya.......just beautiful!

Astra Libris said...

Anya, your photographs and words are such beautiful art, such beautiful inspiration! Thank you for the inspiration you bring to your readers' lives!

white on rice couple said...

Another example of your poetry at it's best. The video is stunning, soothing and magical as well. Just like your post.

Again, you are an amazing artist.

anya said...

Dear Toni, Astrid, Todd and Diane - it happened so that I read your comments right in the middle of a particularly weary and melancholy-inducing afternoon today; your words moved me to the core, and inspired me to align my mood with my experience; I smiled; I felt shy; I felt grateful. Thank you.

Michelle J said...

Anya, this post made me smile and feel good! Isn't that what life is all about???