6 September 2008


Time to reconsider the contents of this tiny corner of the world that's my blog.

Initially i thought of it as a medium to embody my impressions over the edible constituents of my life into the words and let them exist elsewhere rather than in my imagination alone. But with time and things that follow(ed), I found myself falling for capturing things that of course might not bear a considerable significance to the planet and its inhabitants, but then they never fail to amuse me, and thus gently persuade me to share them with you, Friends. (This might as well explain my more frequent occurrences here as of late in comparison to, say, a few months back.)

And this is where my dilemma announced itself (without even a first warning, as always) with questions, 'can I possibly suggest to your attention visual and written images of something else not entirely food-related on a blog that was primarily intended to be entirely food-related', and such?

I am, however, in many (rather than just two, you understand) minds about this scenario. Probably, it's better if I let these ideas sit calmly for a while somewhere in another small corner of this world that's my mind. For more steeping and brewing, I think.

In the meantime, I saw this.

I loved it.

And I posted it, you see.

P.S. At this very moment as I'm occupied with contemplations on my blog's future, the irresistible smells of roasted potatoes with garlic (don't you ask me how I know it) are wafting into my room from the outside world that's my neighbour's kitchen. Is it a sign or what?


Astra Libris said...

Anya, every single one of your posts is a true treasure, regardless of the topic! Please continue sharing with us whatever strikes you with inspiration! Your incredible photos are a perfect example... They're so subtle and stunningly beautiful...

Michelle J said...

Anya, i love your blog!! Your writing is incredible in and of itself!!!

Keep on blogging my dear!!


M said...

The picture qualifies as "delicious" so it's still kind of food-related :) I do enjoy contemplative blog posts and photos. The word "food" itself can have a broader meaning, don't you agree? Food for thought? Hmmm.

anya said...

Dear All, you are my bottomless inspiration. This feeling of my being gratitude for your precious company is largely reassuring for me to keep crocheting my writings!