15 June 2008

Child, adult, and a smoothie

I believe it is the first summer of my life when I virtually will not have carefree and careless vacation as I used to have, say, even a year ago. Now, is it what they call adulthood or what? Busy times from the moments the sun rises to the hour when it sets and even beyond? Wait. Although I consciously chose such a busy life schedule, it, in no way at all, means I took up a subscription for a membership in a ‘desperate racers agaist time’ club. No, no, no; point!

When rushing, I often find myself driven into a stupor, emotional and intellectual infertility, you name it. When relaxed, I manage to do more than I initially plan (=load upon my shoulders). Astounding as it is, and yet so natural.

However, thinking back into my childhood I see a girl whose innate habit seemed to be a continuous complain on how slowly time dragged. To mute me for a while, one had to treat me to a massive scoop, or even two, of chocolate ice-cream. *insert a loud slurp here* If aforesaid weren’t enough to make everybody cuss (to themselves though), this girl also bore an identity card (imaginary) of a v e r y picky eater. If there was anything dairy (but certainly for the ice-cream, and then again even the latter had to be flavoured and coloured to buy me into idea it wasn’t made of milk), onion-y (God forbid if I spotted a trace of onion floating in a soup) in my vicinity, in no time I turned into an uber-disgruntled child; and this – as I was told later – wasn’t a dream come true for either my mom or omas.

But truth be told, my blacklist of things edible played havoc with my childhood gastronomic life indeed (sounds so pathetic, I know). Sigh. Mention
smoothie and I would literally burst into tears (I mean real tears) only thinking of milky-something passing my lips. I even can recall how unce upon a summer time in my family’s country house I spent a W H O L E day at a veranda table attempting to make a single sip from a glass of milk, which my maternal oma so competently put in front of me with intention to bring me up (obviously). I felt miserable. Apparently, upon my birth I got bestowed with lots of antibodies to guard my gastronomic immunity to things a way too many to cover in one post and, miraculously, not to bore you (hello, still reading? Phew!). Smiles.

Days changed nights. Time passed. And here I am: a character with a newly-acquired desire for everything new and unknown (=untasted). The wind of change arrived, and with that, the wall of ignorance finally fell. Rejoice, I did!

And now, My Dear Readers, after I long foreword we have at last reached a point where a recipe should stand up for other narrative nuances. The choice of this recipe, or more likely yet another idea/suggestion for numerous smoothies, - hence all the talk above – has its roots in my recent love for simplicity, a need for a good mood and nutrition right at the start of a working day (or any day, if we are at that). So, go mention smoothie now or, even better, treat me to one, and Bob’s your uncle - you’ll have me smiling.

Ah, adulthood! Great time; time when we can consciously find answers to our cravings (even childish ones) and satisfy them with such a pleasure. After all, it’s all about attitude, isn’t it?

Finally, smoothie talk; and no rocket science.

As said earlier, these are only ideas, not a recipe per se.

(ideas source: http://www.kuking.net/ (in russian)

Idea 1.
A medium-sized banana
150 ml skimmed (or low fat) milk
150 gr plain yoghurt
1 tsp honey (any kind of a runny consistency)
a dash of cinnamon

I also experimented with fresh mint, and even fresh green basil. Both perk up banana flavour and generally refresh things up.

Yields 1 serving.

The method (can’t be more simplier):

Peel and cut banana in big chunks and put all the ingredients in a blender. Process until smooth. Serve. Smile.
Side note: if you use a ripe banana, skip honey, or else the smoothie might be overly sweet.

Idea 2.
1 ripe avocado
250-300 ml milk (any kind you like)
1-2 Tsp honey
Fresh berries for garnishing

Yields 6 servings

Method (simplicity in its original form):

Halve the avocado, scoop out the flesh. Blend all the ingredients in a food mill. Garnish with mashed fresh raspberries or strawberries. Serve. Smile.

Side note: I especially love silkiness of avocado flesh embodied in the milk or yoghurt.

Idea 3:
½ mango
1 medium-sized banana
juice of one orange
2 Tsp bran
1 Tsp sesame seeds (roasted)
2-3 tsp honey

Serves 2

Method: not to bore you to death, let me just suggest you scroll up and read the description above.

Side note: if you use ripe mango and banana, you might not want to add honey at all.

That’s it, My Friends. Easy-peasy, filling, simple, summery and smile-inducing.

P.S. Couldn’t help but taking a shot of a mother and daughter enjoying a gentle Sunday walk. Each of the two has their own matters to take care of.


Cookiemouse said...

It's always best to be relaxed, although sometimes life rushes past very fast.

Toni said...

I think, if I remember correctly, I wouldn't eat potato pancakes as a child. My mother's attitude? "Good! More for the rest of us!" (Now, of course, I love them!)

I usually use soy milk, any kind of juice I have on hand, and I blend that with frozen fruit (in the blender). The frozen fruit makes the smoothie thicker than it would be if the fruit were fresh. I also add yogurt when I have some.

I never considered avocado.. hmmm.. maybe time to give it a try?

Astra Libris said...

mmmm, I absolutely love your flavor combinations! Honey and banana, sesame and mango - wow! A true nutritious feast for the body and mind indeed!

Cinnamonda said...

I love smoothies! Thanks for these recipes. And the photo of the mother and child is lovely!


anya said...

Thank you, Smarties (yes, it's in reference to you, My Dear Fellow-Bloggers and Readers), for all your warm and positive comments!! :)

Michelle J said...

Hi Anya, i just found your wonderful blog so i thought i'd say hello! Those smoothie recipes ROCK! Thanks for sharing!! Please come by my blog if you have a moment!!!

anya said...

Michelle - thanks for stopping by! Time permitting, I'll definitely come by your blog too!