9 February 2008

Take a bagful to survive!

Chestnut bread (by Eric Kaiser's bareky in Moscow)

I pretty much love my big bag. My personified vocabulary (what? ) tells me that a ‘big bag’ means a ‘bag that can contain a girl’s survival kit’. And what is the girl’s survival kit? I’ll tell you. *wink* The girl’s survival kit (at least this girl’s *wink, wink, wink*) is everything what she might need on a daily basis: a pair of shoes to change at work, another neck scarf in a case if the girl gets fed up with the one she’s already wearing since morning, a (cook)book to keep herself well-educated and inspired in moments of hectic commuting on the metro (pffffff), a notebook to document oh-so-welcome gastronomic brainwaves, a bar of damn good chocolate not necessarily eaten up but obligatory warming up by its omnipresence the girl’s heart and soul on gloomy moscovian days, a bottle of plain water and a lunchbox with nutritious and mouth-watering food to keep the girl entertained and healthy, and apart from the latter a fresh, crispy, flavourful loaf of artisanal bread/baguette!! Well, I've just introduced you my survival kit. *a proud smile from ear to ear*

Oh fresh bread…Now I’m talking sense indeed, amn’t I? *wink, wink, wink* And presently there are only two places in Moscow for me where I get my daily bread: it’s either my kitchen (where I make my own) or the Eric Kaiser’s bakery* (
that one that’s in Moscow**). And believe me, when the rainy (not even snowy) winter weather over here reminds you of all the misery of soaked boots and smeared mascara (pretty picture, isn’t it? *wink, wink*), the bread aroma coming out from your bag and reaching your flaring nostrils is indescribably soothing and relaxing. People step on your feet and even push you, cars rush by at high speed and splash you all over your RED coat with muddy water from pools while you keep on walking and smiling...’cause you’ve got the survival kit in your big bag! And my bagful always makes my day!!

*Sure, I’ve got a long way to go to compare my own bread with the Eric Kaiser’s, and yet it’s so fresh and lovely, and I’m proud to be able to make it!

**I'll give you the report on it soon.


Cinnamonda said...

Well, it sounds a lot like winter weather in Helsinki! And I got my trousers splashed by a car this morning, when I was standing at a crossroads.:( Hmm, you should tell us about your favorite bread recipe now... By the way, I mentioned your pancake recipe to a friend today and now she, too, wants to try it. It's growing in popularity!:)

anya said...

Dear Tiina, I'll post on one of my favourite bread recipes soon!!

And many thanks for promoting my grandmother's pancake recipe! :)) She'll be very chuffed when I tell her about it!

P.S. Alas, the weather sucks indeed...

Cookiemouse said...

Anya, you have given me an idea. I will also carry a bar of chocolate with me, and try very hard not to eat it. It will have to be a very expensive, inspiring bar and I'll be curious to see just how long I can hold out.

anya said...

Cookiemouse, you go for it! And remember we are here to encourage you when the craving gets too irresistible! But then, if it's too irresistible, what's the use to struggle against it? ;)

Astra Libris said...

Anya, I love the story of your bag! It sounds rather like my bag, actually - I agree that a girl must have a well-stocked bag to make it through the day. :-) Your bag sounds a bit better equipped than mine, though... :-) Mine is missing the bread and the chocolate! Two very important additions that make your bag absolutely terrific... :-)