13 February 2008

Happy cooking on Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all, My Dear Readers! Love, wine, chocolate (yes, again! *wink*) – shall I continue? – is all we need! So let it be then!! *smiles*

Recently I chanced upon very helpful tips of how to fix a dish if you used it a bit too extra salt, sugar or spices – just a bit, isn’t it? *wink, wink* and am now eager to share my knowledge with you. If you’ve planned a romantic dinner for two, (or even for yourself) spoiled moods is the last thing we are expecting on this lovely day (or any other wonderful day so far), so let this never happen, shan’t we? Forks and spoons up then!

Well, here we go…

If your dish is turned to be too salty, add something sour or sweet to it – a few drops of vinegar, lemon juice, a pinch of sugar, dessert spoon honey. If tomato taste fits in your dish concept, use canned unsalted tomatoes then.

Overly sweet dish can be fixed by adding a bit of vinegar or citrus juice. Flavourful spices like cayenne pepper come for rescue as well. If you’ve made extra sweet dessert, add up a bit of spirits or ground coffee.

Adding something fatty like butter, (sour)cream, vegetable oil, OR sugar, honey, syrup - depending on your dish character really - might as well fix a problem of a too spicy or sour taste.

Hopefully I’ve told you something new and now you are very glad that you’ve read this before starting cooking. Are you? *wink, wink, wink*

UPDATE: Don't let the posting date displayed above confuse you and think I might be an inadequate girl, I know that Valentine's Day is on February 14th! *nods and smiles* So today is the 14th and - oh - I've just got a bunch of gorgeous flowers!! *wink, wink, wink, wink*


Cookiemouse said...

Hope that you are having a lovely Valentine with all those flowers.

Cinnamonda said...

Thanks for posting these tips & happy Valentine's day!

anya said...

Cookiemouse and Tiina, thank you for your wishes!! On my side I hope you had a great and inspiring Valentine's day too!

Cookiemouse, the flowers are so fine, I wish I could eat them! *smiles*

Astra Libris said...

Such wonderful tips! Thank you! I know I will put them to good use...

Happy Valentines Day - and happy flowers! :-)