22 February 2008

Absolutely illogical post!

Note: in this post you’ll find no concept and no logic so far, because today it’s Friday and I hope it explains much. *wink, wink, wink*

So this is what made me laugh and chuffed today…

I didn’t know that contemporary pigeons prefer toasts to plain bread crumbs. I’m amused, thus the photo above...

I came home to see my mom wearing a sad expression on her face. She met me with these words: ‘Anya, I bought fresh oranges, but they taste so bitter, I’m afraid they’ve got rotten…’ Huh? Bitter rotten oranges? What a disgrace! I went to the kitchen to inspect what exactly was wrong and ended up with a severe laughter attack. Yes, people, a laughter can attack you severely when at first you’re told it’s all about oranges, while in fact it’s all about GRAPEFRUITS. *laughing out loud* It still remains a mystery to me how my mom even managed to confuse oranges with grapefruits (on her side she refuses to answer any of my questions on the issue and just shrugs her shoulders, on my part I think it’s a lunar eclipse consequences), but what really amused me was that she was ready to swap 2 kilos grapefruits for 1 single orange I had in my bag (yes, sometimes an orange finds its way into my bag as well *wink, wink, wink*). So we swapped and I got 2 kilos ripe fragrant grapefruits to ‘juice’ up my moods. Excellent!!

On Fridays I always go funny, thus being in a funny state of mind I splurged 10 euro on a chocolate bar with truffles (yes, there are the time when Fridays might be wallet-unfriendly! *wink*). I know 10 euro is really pretty much for one bar. But then, when you see chocolate in your dreams, it’s a sign from above to go and get it! Wouldn’t you agree? *wink, wink, wink, wink* I felt helpless to resist. I’m sorry. *sheepish expression on my face* Note: Despite what’s stated above I still know what a willpower is. How? I haven’t even unwrapped my chocolate-y treasure yet and it’s been good 7 hours since I bought it! *such a proud smile* You think I shall consult a head doctor?

Lovely Cinnamonda TAGGED me for a meme. I love this fun indeed!

The End*.

*I told you there was no logic. *wink, wink, wink*


Cookiemouse said...

Chocolate truffles for 10 euros. Wow! Have a nice weekend and enjoy your treat!

anya said...

Thanks, Cookiemouse!!

Just to mention it's not chocolate truffles I splurged on (though I would easily have done it if I had chanced upon them yesterday), it's chocolate with truffles (the ones that are found in a ground). ;) This kind of chocolate is suitable mainly for savoury dishes. Yum! ;)

toni said...

Anya, you are hysterical!! I hope you enjoy your chocolate and grapefruit, and the pigeons their toast!

Cinnamonda said...

Sometimes illogical is good! :) What a treat chocolate with truffels must be! I made some more pancakes using your recipe yesterday. It really is an excellent recipe!

anya said...

Toni - thanks! :) I can't say anything on the pigeons, but as to me I loved my grapefruit and chocolate!! ;)

Tiina - it's sooo nice you're using my Grandmom's pancake recipe!! Great that you like it!! And chocolate with truffles is really something else! :)

Astra Libris said...

Yay, I'm so glad you discovered that I tagged you!! I was just about to come tell you, actually... :-)

Your post is sooo fantastic! It brought a bright light of much needed cheer to a Monday morning... :-) Your grapefruit story reminded me of the time a friend and I bought an e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s grapefruit for our roommate, and it was so huge that she didn't know what it was! :-)

I'm eagar to learn more about the surprise... :-)