20 January 2008


I love chocolate. Furthermore, I am a chocoholic with purist views. Meaning: I only favour extra-dark, extra bitter (shall I continue?) stuff. Er, suddenly I feel so uncomfortable to call Chocolate ‘stuff’, but what one won’t do to avoid tautology, huh? Moreover, I prefer to find my bliss in a single square of chocolatey darkness (nice twist, isn’t it?) rather than to make something that would include chocolate . Are you already yawning? Wait till I tell you this. Today I committed a thing that changed my chocolate world upside down. Before I confess I’d just like to underscore that I did everything what’s gonna be described below out of purest curiosity. And don’t tell me please that curiosity killed a cat.

Record #1 (this is for a logbook if applicable so far). Occasionally I have a craving to have a piece of chocolate for my breakfast. But I always rush in the morning and I just can’t bring myself to enjoy my treasure in a rush. I’m sorry, but this is the way I am. *wink, wink* I already hear you saying they invented such a thing as chocolate paste long ago. Yes, I say back, but this is just paste, it isn’t real chocolate. It’s winter now and my choco- cravings became more intense, so I got very curious how I could answer my needs. And oh eureka! My chocolate eureka! Hold on please, I just need to clap my hands and dance around my table in joy again…ok, done, I can go on. I took a piece of sugar-free velvety Belgian chocolate (‘Neuhaus’s bar happened to be a guinea pig), grated it finely… Then I took a slice of a good-quality wholegrain sandwich bread (I admit that probably white sandwich bread would fit more to counteract the blackness of the chocolate, but yours truly just loves dark bread so much), buttered it properly…and then…and then…yesssss, I sprinkled my grated chocolate all over the bread slice. At the moment as I was doing this I thought I was committing a crime. So I closed my eyes, asked for forgiveness, folded the ‘chocolated’ bread in two and bid into it. Oh I wished time could stop. It was so so damn good. The bread was very fresh and soft (note: it’s crucial for the effect to use soft bread rather than crispy one), the velvety chocolate melted easily, butter smoothed the fractions between bread and chocolate so nice. I’ll tell you this – such polar sensations are heavenly indeed. Conclusion: I’m definitely a chocoholic with purist views, but I’m gonna enjoy my real chocolate sandwich over and over again. I’ve already included this treat to my weekly breakfast menu!

Scandalous, I know.


Cookiemouse said...

Cookiemouse also loves chocolate. I love it with coffee best. Some Belgians like to eat it with beer!

anya said...

Cookiemouse - Chocolate and beer...I'm literally swept off my feet. How so? I learnt that chocolate and champagne/sparkling wine, for example, kill each other when paired. What about beer? Is there beer especially brewed for chocolate? :-)To be honest, I even wouldn't try...:-)

Julia said...

Chocolate? Mmmm... :) Add it to your favorite coffee with cream (or milk) (but don't stir it!) and you'll get absolutely new taste. Enjoy! :)

anya said...

Yul'chonok, thanks for a nice chocolate idea!! I'm definitely gonna try it!!