12 January 2008


It’s pretty much overwhelming to start anything new and novel to me personally (what I’m actually a sucker for). But I am in a desperate need to find a way-out for my thoughts, ideas, impressions, plans, dreams, wishes FOOD-related! *Smile* Otherwise my parents will officially abandon their daughter, ‘cause they’ve been full to the brims with excited ohhh’s and ahhh’s I cry out every time to share with them my love for food (and believe me, it happens on a regular basis). So am keeping my fingers crossed (at least I’m doing so in my imagination while I still have to type all this, don’t I?) that this foodblog of mine will be just what the doctor (I’d really appreciate if this doctor loves cooking as I do) ordered. To be honest, I’m feeling a bit anxious as I’m writing this. There are so many great people running their fantastic and inspiring food-blogs worldwide for years, and I just don’t want to seem a country bumpkin with my budding blogging. So please people don’t be too strict with me. I’ll do my best to pass the muster! *smile*

P.S. It'll take me some time until I figure out how to edit my blog properly (synonym: until I up my technical IQ), so now this page might look a bit messy and be continuously changing for a while...*wink, wink*

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Julia said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, readers, Anyutka. :)

Your culinery ideas are welcomed and always looked forward to since you've got a new fan in the person of me. :)